I could not build and grow our brands at the pace we have without Spirited Media being (truly) our second brain. Our concepting and brainstorm sessions I especially value - taking an unexpected business problem and pivoting/shaping towards a new solution. The optimism and creativity they bring to every challenge has allowed us to sidestep many a potential problem. The knowledge and relationships within the industry have also uncovered many new opportunities for us. 

Sarah Krump, Director of Marketing, Old Elk Distillery

Having worked agency side for my entire career, I know what’s industry standard and what’s above and beyond. Spirited is undoubtedly the latter. They bring a spirit of partnership and in-the-trenches attitude that has not just been pivotal to our success, but has made working together one of the best parts of our first year as a brand.

Adriana Mariella, Chief Brand Officer, Harridan Vodka 

I loved working with Spirited’s team! I always walked away from our meetings inspired to think of exciting opportunities for our brand. I was specifically grateful to work with Sam’s attention to detail and Michaela’s creative ideas. I would 10/10 recommend Spirited to a brand ready for growth and looking for a reliable social media partner to stay on top of industry trends, tools, and must-dos!

Megan Factora, Marketing Manager of Kasama Rum

I work with Spirited Media on two brands: Chopin Vodka and Kasama Rum. Chopin is a luxury vodka focused on craft and heritage, while Kasama is a new rum focused on a fun, tropical lifestyle. Spirited’s team was able to learn about and effectively manage the brand voice and aesthetic for both brands and even managed a new product launch less than one month after they took over the account. Spirited’s team felt like a true extension of our team because they went above and beyond whenever needed.

Alexandra Dorda, Founder of Kasama Rum, & CMO at Chopin Vodka

It's been great to work with their team and have another group of likeminded individuals to bounce ideas off! Throughout our time working together, they have learned to embrace our challenging brand voice and find ways to connect with our consumers and grow our channel. We also appreciate their timely manner in getting content and edits back to us.

Laura Higgins, Digital Marketing Manager at Samson & Surrey


We’ve been shaking cocktails and taking names. With over 20 years of experience collectively, we’ve worked with many notable brands. With so many new entrants to the industry, we know we can help you stand out in a crowded bar. We’re not shy, and you shouldn’t be either - case studies available upon request.