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Spirited Spotlight

  • We’re putting a big spotlight on our pals at Big Nose Kate Whiskey, who had an incredible 2023. From our ongoing strategic partnership, they saw an account growth rate of 44.4% and maintained an average engagement rate of 37.82% in 2023. 
  • Big Nose Kate Whiskey embraced email marketing in 2023, seeing a total list growth rate of 58% and had an average open rate of 53%.
  • The cherry on top? They saw a 1.5x in revenue in quarter four alone. All of this calls for a dram of Kate to celebrate!  

Marketing Moments with Supervisor, Michaela 

  • Treat your community how you treat influencers
    • Out with brand trips to Dubai and in with community events. It’s no longer just about influencer marketing, it’s about redefining your entire approach to building a lasting community around your brand. Pour into your community, embrace open conversation, share personalized offers and opportunities, and empower your community to be co-creators.
  • Long-form video content
    • Scrolling fatigue is real, and long-form content is back on the rise. At the end of 2023, we saw Instagram and TikTok pivot to support long-form content more consistent with OG YouTube. Storytelling reigns supreme, and brands will need to adapt. 
  • Content with purpose
    • More than ever, consumers are craving brands that stand for something. Your messaging and content should reflect and align with your brand values, champion causes your audience cares about, and spark conversations. Content with a purpose allows you to build trust and foster loyalty with your community.

Industry Insight with Founder, Alisa

  • RIP Drizly – It was fun while it lasted and we’ll miss the app and the red bear. Three years after acquiring Drizly in 2020, Uber decided to close Drizly for good. While there are many speculations on why including the cybersecurity risk in 2020, it makes sense that Uber wants to focus all their efforts on Uber Eats. By closing Drizly completely, they’re able to integrate and expand their BevAlc sales even more. The impact for consumers may just be the cost of the products purchased (between delivery costs, tips, etc) for now. It’ll be interesting to see how this impacts other delivery services like DoorDash, GoPuff, Minibar, and Instacart and if they can give consumers an even more cost effective platform.  
  • Three Tier BS – The three tier system is cracking and it’s about time. After all, it was implemented in 1910 (pre-prohibition) and I think we can all agree that it needs to be updated to present time. Last year, we saw some challenges to the system in Oregon and really when you break it down, this system does nothing but create a headache for us all. We’re rooting for the changes and hope that it means newer brands can finally play in the big leagues. 


  • Welcomed Account Coordinator, Sammy, to the Spirited collective! 
  • Celebrating newness in the beverage category
    • @Summerfallsake
    • @chocochocosmooth
    • @tomonotomoagave 
    • @casamalkatequila 

Current coffee orders from the collective

  • Founder, Alisa, keeps it pretty classic and nurses her one cup of drip coffee with two Splendas and a splash of half and half. We still have yet to see her finish her one cup to this day.
  • CEO, Sam, is embracing making matcha at home with her signature recipe. Matcha from Cymbiotika LLC combined with vanilla protein powder from be WELL by KELLY blended in coconut milk with cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon, and one single drop of vanilla syrup on two ice cubes.
  • Supervisor, Michaela, is obsessed with her Nespresso Professional machine and opts for the Stormio Nespresso pod with a splash of Califia Farms 3-Ingredient Oat Milk. If she’s feeling fancy she’ll add a dash of cinnamon on top.
  • Creative Coordinator, Michaela Lucas, sips on a matcha blended with vanilla almond milk over 2 ice cubes with a half teaspoon of sugar. Once in a while, she’ll blend it with a peppermint or spearmint tea.
  • Account Coordinator, Sammy, embraces the simple Bianco Forte Nespresso pod with a little MCT oil to feed the brain!


  • Another Dinner Party Playlist
  • Winter Warmers


April 8, 2024

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