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G2G (and we don’t mean “got to go” on AIM) aka grain to glass is another trend actively growing within the industry. You’ll notice grain-to-glass referred to a few ways here – tbh we like all of the names and think the more the merrier. Tony Freund from the ABV Network sums the movement up best: “to some distilleries it means that they grow all their grains that they use in their products themselves, while others may mean that they source their grains within a certain radius of their distillery.” 

You may be familiar with the term “farm-to-table” coined by restaurants and chefs to differentiate themselves by showing consumers where the ingredients came from. It became a standard of quality and craftsmanship. So what’s this got to do with the beverage industry? We’re here on our soapbox to talk about the grain-to-glass movement. We see it uniting categories in the industry – providing brands with an opportunity for consumer crossover and education. 

Here are some of our thoughts: 

  • Beer: A prime example of a category with a spike in farm-to-glass* expressions. Beers and malt beverages are standing out by highlighting the partners they source from, educating and empowering the consumer to make informed buying decisions. 
  • Spirits: Spirits brands are tapping into new and exciting ways to attract their target consumer. Grain-to-glass or farm-distilleries are showcasing their in-house production and distilling process, providing the consumer with an in-depth understanding of the brand. 
  • RTD: Ready-to-drink beverages are having a moment on their own (we’ll get to that in a few weeks), but we’re also seeing a shift with the RTD brands that are elevating the category with farm to can products. This brings consumers closer to the source and contributes to building loyalty and trust by knowing where the ingredients are coming from.

So the next time you are looking for your next favorite brand, look at the craft section and take a look at the ones leaning into the G2G movement. With all that being said, here are some brands we’ve noticed pushing into it authentically:

  • Liquid Fables: Liquid Fables sources their products from local farms and distilleries to provide consumers with a well-made cocktail in a can. A prime example of how brands in the RTD space are tapping into the G2G trend. 
  • Scratch Distillery: “When we use the term “from scratch,” we think it’s analogous to making a nice meal- you use the most basic ingredients and nothing that has been pre-made…We make products simply, using the best ingredients, local organic ingredients, small batches, using natural (real) flavor ingredients, made into delicious spirits with love, from Scratch.” – Scratch Distillery 
  • Nauti Spirits Distillery: Nauti Spirits Distillery, we see you walking the walk. “Nauti Spirits Distillery sits on a 60-acre coastal farm in North Cape May. The sweet potatoes used to make its vodka (it does not taste like sweet potatoes, however), and the corn used to make its gin grow right there on the preserved farmland. It is one of only a handful of farm distilleries on the East Coast,” wrote Hank Zona in Jersey’s Best.

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January 15, 2022

Grain-to-Glass Movement: Uniting Beverage Categories