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Actions speak louder than words, and in 2022 brands will be expected to act louder and identify their intent directly with consumers. So how do brands authentically communicate their values to their target demographic? Through engaging their consumers via cause marketing efforts. Cause marketing is when a brand or individual actively works to improve the industry and society around them through philanthropic and altruistic actions. There’s a fear among brands on how to portray their altruistic behaviors without coming across as opportunistic through marketing campaigns. 89% of executives say companies with a purpose have a competitive advantage.* Our best advice is to start within and to get clear on your intent. 

When faced with a saturated product market, consumers favor and focus on brands who align with their values. They want brands to be vocal about social issues and 64% would buy from a brand or boycott it solely because of its position on a social or political issue.** People, specifically Gen Z who hold major buying power, are looking for brands who crossover with their altruistic efforts to genuinely save the world. They’re overwhelmed with the feeling of needing to do better for society and for the generations to come. 

Brands know the importance of reflecting their internal values and position external, but very few are doing it well. Here are some of our favorites: 

  • Good Vodka: Good Vodka pushes into the sustainability of the brand by categorizing themselves as carbon-negative. The brand creates their vodka from coffee byproducts that stops 15.76 kg of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere – the equivalent of one gasoline powered car driving 40 miles.*** 
  • Gray Whale Gin: The brand donates 1% of all sales to Oceana to help restore wild fish stocks, which, in turn, helps save the whales. Founders Marsh and Jan Mokhtari started Golden State Distillery which supports nature and wildlife conservation, specifically in California. No wonder their tagline is a “Gin for Good.” Between their sustainably sourced ingredients, biodegradable cork, and support for the whales, the brand is becoming a fan favorite quickly. 
  • Montanya Rum: Montanya Rum is on a mission to empower, contribute, and lead. They’re here to empower women and people of color to pursue additional opportunities and advance their careers. Their team is actively seeking ways to contribute to their communities both locally and globally. Finally, as a certified B Corp, they’re leading the industry in environmental sustainability and social responsibility. The proof is in the accolades, with “Best for the World, 2021,” ranking in the top 5% of the B Corps of a similar size impacting sustainability. 

Photo by Kin Euphorics

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January 28, 2022

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