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Meet Sammy Harris, our Account Coordinator, in this month’s Spirited Spotlight! Discover Sammy’s passion for travel, food, and beverage, and how she brings her love for psychology into crafting brand personalities. Plus, get insights from Supervisor Michaela M. on recent industry highlights, Founder Alisa on beverage trends, and Designer Michaela L. on design inspirations. Don’t miss Sammy’s curated playlist for those moments when you need to tune in and tune out. Cheers to a spirited March!

Spirited Spotlight – Meet Account Coordinator, Samantha Harris!

Tell us a bit about ya!

  • I’m a travel fanatic with a passionate interest in the food and beverage industry – and those next to me on a plane are going to hear about it if they give me the chance.
  • Learning a brand as if they’re a person with an attainable personality is one of my main interests in the marketing world! I believe it’s my enduring interest in psychology that has taught me how slight shifts in tone can dramatically change a brand.
  • It’s not my dream day until it includes sushi and ice cream.
  • Southern California has my heart but Austin restaurants can have my whole entire bank account.
  • All of my favorite influencers are health & wellness gals who also love a Friday night cocktail.
  • At Spirited Media, I have gotten to dive deep into partnerships, building new relationships with influencers and brands, copywriting, and a multitude of administrative tasks that keep me on my toes!

What do you love about what you do?

  • I absolutely love getting to deliver noticeable results to clients in ways they may not have expected. Social media can feel so supplementary, but it is proving to drive so much growth these days. With that, I adore getting to work with this smaller team toward measurable goals – our minds all work so differently and bring in the most unique ideas. The company culture at Spirited Media always proves to be uplifting and skill-driven with a “get down to business” attitude, which I wouldn’t trade for anything else.

As a fabulous Gen Z and community management queen, what’s one tip for brands to build their community?

  • My tip for brands to increase engagement is to take a few steps outside the brand tone every once in a while. Taking a risk, acting as a friend, and showing a little more personality when it comes to engaging with followers is an asset that we should leverage! If it is within the outer boundaries, just do (or say) it!

Marketing Moments with Supervisor, Michaela Mueller

  • CeraVe won the Super Bowl – Forget Taylor Swift, CeraVe’s Michael Cera campaign won the big game. From well-placed paparazzi-style social teasers to a seamlessly executed influencer rollout, the skincare brand’s first-ever Super Bowl placement stood out among the clutter.
  • What in the AI? – Meta recently announced that they will begin labeling images created by AI products. This feature is set to roll out in the coming months and will identify AI-generated images appearing on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads. This comes only months after TikTok introduced a feature that allows creators to label their AI-generated content.
  • The Power of a Founder – With consumers craving that personal touch and behind-the-scenes look, we’re seeing more and more brand founders take center stage on social media, and it’s working. Brands like Poppi, August, and Waterboy have leveraged their founders and team members, garnering impressive community growth, brand awareness, and, ultimately, sales. Ideating, planning, and executing this type of content can be daunting for most, especially when you’re also running a business. Working with a reliable partner who can outline a strategy, ideate content, and produce it for social can be approachable and, dare we say, enjoyable.

Industry Insight with Founder, Alisa Langer

  • The beverage scene is witnessing a non-alc revolution. The category is experiencing explosive growth and is estimated to reach $26.36 billion by 2028. This revolution empowers producers by giving smaller brands and craft makers a chance to reach wider audiences without relying on the traditional market. It promotes inclusivity and creates a welcoming atmosphere for everyone at the table/bar. Finally, it pushes innovation to the forefront and drives the development of exciting new flavors and formats to benefit the entire beverage industry.
  • How exactly is that “buy now” button reshaping the market? Convenience is key – gone are the days of searching for specific bottles off the shelf. E-commerce platforms allow brands to connect with their consumers in even more markets. This is a direct-to-consumer boom and we’re seeing small breweries and craft distilleries bypassing the traditional distribution channels to connect with their audience directly. This gives them the chance to build brand loyalty and offer exclusive access to their favorite brands. The value of e-commerce is expected to increase by $7.5 billion over the next five years and will reach nearly $40 billion by 2027. Time to get your e-commerce platform set up!

Design Developments with Graphic Designer, Michaela Lucas

  • Color palettes are no longer created to be just aesthetically pleasing–now more than ever, there has been a focus on maximizing the accessibility of design by choosing high-contrast color palettes and typography. Sites like Color Contrast Checker determine whether a colored font is accessible to read on a colored background at different type sizes.
  • Chrome has been showing up in graphic design for a few years now, but will most likely reach its peak in 2024 with the metallic trend gaining popularity in fashion and interior design. Look for it to show up in 3D typography/graphics and Y2K-inspired designs.
  • Speaking of Y2K-inspired designs, the Spotify Wrapped 2023 visual identity will be hard to top. It exemplifies how the pendulum of culture and trends are swinging back towards maximalism like it did in the 2000s. The scattered pixel graphics, bright colors, and disregard for the grid (all trends that will be popular in 2024) are a visual representation of how we are currently consuming culture.

Raise a Glass & Celebrate!

  • From clever collaborations, brilliant new product launches, and insane social media campaigns – February fully delivered. BODY took inspiration from Rhode and created the perfect phone case for your next martini on the go.* Erewhon continued to craft overly-priced but entirely worth-it smoothies with the likes of Hailey Bieber, Sofia Richie, and Gisele Bündchen. Jumbo Time Wines and Oddli launched our new favorite accessory accompanied by the perfect Pinot Gris. Ghia partnered up with Awan for a limited-edition sweet treat that we’re totally heart eyes over. One collaboration we didn’t see coming, but couldn’t be a bigger fan of is the Sichuan Lager from TALEA Beer Co. and FLY BY JING. Fishwife and Keystone Light kicked off fishing season with their Smooth Snackle Pack. And Graza couldn’t let the month end without a crunch and announced their Extra Virgin Potato Chips. Orders have been placed but we’re already obsessed!

*Done responsibly, of course!

Tune In, Tune Out

  • In a world moving at hyper-speed, this playlist is For Slowing Down.
  • We’re For The Women today, tomorrow, and the days after that. Turn up the volume on this playlist all month long for Women’s History Month.


April 8, 2024

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